Waukesha, Wis. – Djoly Souffrant, Ph.D., a Haitian immigrant who learned life lessons on the football field and business acumen in the transportation industry, has opened a new firm delivering organizational improvement through leadership consulting, and diversity and inclusion training.

Djoly Souffrant, LLC, offers consulting, coaching and training, focused on helping organizations, and their leaders, to value and motivate their human capital. Souffrant brings a refreshing style, built around humor and storytelling, to create trust and break down barriers. He teaches leaders to be builders of human spirits, and businesses to be
strategic in how they enhance workforce engagement and increase profitability.

Souffrant served 14 years in management roles within a Fortune 50 transportation company, leading teams and driving projects that increased revenues through strategic alliances and detailed planning. He gained deep expertise in B2C residential delivery practices, especially partnering with the United States Postal Service to control costs. He also partnered with smaller Third Party Logistics (3PLs) for B2B deliveries on a widespread scale. As part of his Leadership consulting, Souffrant assists transportation organizations with step-by-step logistic network optimization.

As the labor force shrinks and becomes more diverse, organizations and their leadership should embrace inclusion, and implement related structures and policies with long-term effects, Souffrant advised.

“Inclusion is all about behavior, and the millennial workforce tremendously values inclusion as an operational principle,” he said. “Rather than viewing inclusion as a check-the-box ‘kumbaya’ activity, businesses should realize that implementing tangible changes will create more productive employees. The financial benefits are genuine. The risk is ignoring this demographic reality and continuing to observe inclusion through a lens of ‘how it used to be.’”

Souffrant, 37, should know – he’s a millennial. His life story is one full of adapting to his surroundings. His family immigrated to the U.S. when he was 11 and, at 18, he moved to Wisconsin from Florida to pursue his education and play football. He earned his undergraduate and MBA degrees from Concordia University Wisconsin.

Passionate about becoming the best leader possible, he returned to school and earned a Ph.D. in Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University. His extensive education, coupled with “real world” experience managing and coaching employees and business owners, provides a powerful combination to counsel leaders at all levels of an organization to accelerate growth.

“I know what leaders experience on a day-to-day basis,” Souffrant said. “I want them to become the positive forces that all organizations need, and be ready for the unprecedented challenges that lie ahead for everyone.”