Diversity and Inclusion


All organizations face a shrinking labor market, filled with prospective employees who place high value on inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Is your organization ready?

Inclusion and diversity consultant Dr. Djoly Souffrant uses his unique style of inclusion and diversity training – filled with stories, humor and a human touch to guide organizations toward long-lasting change, and a new dynamic that strengthens both the bottom line and long-term stability.


Who we are as individuals


Organizations with above average diversity on their management teams report innovation revenue 19% higher than their peers.


Ethnically/culturally diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to outperform their peers on profitability.


Organizations with cultural and ethnically diverse boards are 43% more likely to report higher profits.


How we behave with others

Inclusion is not a stand-alone concept.
It must be part of everything you do as an organization.


Inclusive organizational cultures are 2x more likely to meet or exceed their financial targets.


Inclusive organizational cultures are 6x more innovative and agile in their work environments.


83% of employees are more likely to be fully engaged, productive and loyal in an inclusive culture.

Book inclusion and diversity consultant Dr. Djoly Souffrant today for a productive, more engaged workforce and a stronger bottom line! 

If you’re a leader trying to persuade four generations to buy into one organizational culture, I highly recommend Djoly to help you better understand how each segment operates, and the strategies you can deploy to achieve your desired outcome.

Jason Burns

CLDA Vice President/Founder & CEO of InPacity