Executive Partnership Program

The Executive Partnership Program energizes, develops and collaborates with leadership in organizations as they address the challenges and changes facing every workforce.

Today’s business climate poses challenges like no other. Leadership consultant Dr. Djoly Souffrant helps your team rise to the task, by guiding them to a collective organizational vision and encouraging excellence at every turn. Dr. Djoly’s leadership development will train your leaders, from middle management to C-Suite executives, to navigate new environments while enhancing their key strengths. Above all, he motivates leaders not just to want to take on new levels of leadership and influence, but to own them.

Join the Executive Partnership Program and experience the benefits of real leadership development!

An annual membership in the Executive Partnership Program provides your organization customized research tools to assist in navigating the ever-changing management world. Members receive priority leadership development training options from Dr. Djoly Souffrant. Additionally, you’ll have access to one on one coaching with Dr. Djoly, a proven leadership consultant, to help negotiate a transition or keep your own growth on track. Allow your organization to be motivated and headed by an inspiring, demonstrated leader – you!

Platinum Membership

As a Platinum member of the Executive Partnership Program, you will receive one on one coaching for one individual within your organization from middle management to a C-suite Executive. Through coaching, they will receive motivation and guidance over the next 12 months on their journey to success. This one on one coaching will help individuals move past their limiting beliefs and achieve sustainable leadership growth.

Premiere Membership

As a Premiere member of the Executive Partnership Program, you will receive customized exclusive consulting sessions reviewing innovation, creativity, leadership techniques, and research-based tools to generate business growth. The Premiere membership gives you an additional perk of sponsoring another member from your organization to have customized coaching and training to further facilitate professional development and leadership growth.

The Executive Partnership Program provides research-tested tools and customized leadership coaching by Dr. Djoly Souffrant, all aimed at expediting sustainable business growth. The results? Less time figuring out business challenges, fewer mistakes and a healthier bottom line.

“The goal in life is to be in pursuit of your own success not just success. Let me be your guide through that journey!”

– Dr. Djoly Souffrant –