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Dr. Djoly Souffrant creates custom, results-based solutions to accelerate growth in organizations and individuals. Operating from a belief that “People are at the root of every solution ,” he combines diversity and inclusion training, with leadership coaching and development, to produce extraordinary results.



A veteran of 15 years in the transportation and logistics industry, Djoly brings a unique approach to teaching leadership skills, and strengthening inclusion and diversity in the workplace. The results? Greater employee engagement, stronger organizations and increased profitability.


Are fear and insecurities holding you back? You’re certainly not alone. You don’t have to remain stuck though. Using science-based solutions and a friendly, non-judgmental approach, Djoly’s personal coaching will unleash your power within and help you achieve success beyond your greatest dreams.

Success in Action Stories


Jason Burns
CLDA Vice President/Founder & CEO of InPacity

Djoly is a leader among leaders! Djoly hosted a training for Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) in our September 2020 Executive Leadership Summit: Strategic Survival. His message on “Leading Inclusively ” addressed why it’s imperative for organization’s to take on this challenge and increase the bottom-line value it can yield when done effectively & genuinely.

Success in Action Stories


Jean Merlin Theleus
Club Director, Wizard Volleyball Academy

Djoly’s daily inspirational quotes has been a blessing to my youth volleyball club, to myself and to my family. Every practice, every game, every family matters; I often refer to one of Djoly’s quotes, to motivate and successfully guide my program to new heights.

Success in Action Stories


Justin Dopierala
Founder/President DOMO Capital Management, LLC

Djoly was a great teammate in our years playing college football. His hard work, determination, and positive attitude were not only an asset on the football field, but that was also his character in everyday life. Djoly is a person with strong character and integrity who has gone the extra mile to help me succeed.

Success in Action Stories


Carrie Douglas
Realtor and Team Leader Douglas Real Estate Group, brokered by eXp Realty

Djoly’s daily quotes are an inspiration, and help motivate me on my personal growth journey! I appreciate his positive messages as a daily reminder that I am made for more. Anyone looking to improve will find hope and motivation in what Djoly has to share!

Djoly Souffrant’s dynamic personality and inspirational guidance turns followers into leaders and motivates individuals and teams to perform at their highest levels. A veteran inclusion and diversity consultant, he puts knowledge and strategy learned from years in the business world, plus a Ph.D. in Leadership, to help businesses and organizations reach their full potential.

Djoly Souffrant has spent years researching leadership theory, skills, and strategy including receiving his PhD in Leadership. He is a dynamic personality and an immediate relationship builder which allows him to motivate large and diverse teams, organizations, universities, government entities and individuals to perform at the highest level. He inspires audiences to engage in their lives and coaches them to grow beyond their comfort zone to reach their full potential.

“No great thing was ever made in one day. Your better future will only come one day at a time.”

— Dr. Djoly Souffrant —

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