Leadership coaching for the individual, your team, or your organization.

  • Expand emotional intelligence and improve how you interact with others
  • Navigate the challenges of different generations in the business environment, using proven inclusion and diversity training strategies
  • Create awareness of your patterns and opportunities for growth
  • Improve communication and listening skills
  • Increase leadership capacity, employing proven leadership training approaches
  • Develop critical thinking skills

One on One leadership coaching meets you where you are.
Its customized approach will take you to new places!

“The best time you will ever spend is helping someone see their potential. Let me be the expeditor of your dreams!”

– Djoly Souffrant –

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Why do leaders need coaching?

Leaders, like everyone else, have blind spots and obstacles to overcome. Coaching identifies them and teaches how to grow above and beyond. Dr. Djoly Souffrant’s personalized leadership coaching uses research-based insights and best practices to help leaders reach higher and achieve success at all levels of their organizations.


All leaders need to grow and adapt. We must have new methods and practices to help us advance and improve.  Let Dr. Djoly create awareness and develop a customized plan for addressing your challenges today!