Personal Strategy

Whether leadership training or personal growth strategies, Djoly’s personal, customized coaching turns the ordinary into extraordinary!

For professional growth, leadership consultant, Dr. Djoly Souffrant can help you:

  • Advance in your career
  • Become the best in your organization or field
  • Identify and overcome your blind spots

For personal growth, Dr. Djoly’s one on one coaching can help you:


Improve Your Relationships

Consistency. Dependability. Honesty. Trust. Love. Are you providing these in your relationships? Accomplishments, both personally and professionally, revolve around relationships. As a natural relationship-builder, Dr. Djoly Souffrant teaches participants to master the art of forging relationships that lead to positive growth.


Embrace Purposeful Living

At different points in life, everyone experiences the paralysis of circumstances, fear or a hard decision. How we respond is the key. Dr. Djoly Souffrant believes that life is meant to be lived fearlessly and will coach you to find a position of success where you can grow, seize opportunities and be extraordinary. What are you waiting for?


Claim Your Path to Achieving Success

Success doesn’t happen overnight for anyone. Its catalysts are hunger and desire to achieve your goals. Dr. Djoly Souffrant will ignite your passion for success, building on strengths and fortifying weaknesses. Your successful future awaits.
Are you ready?


Learn to Accept Love and Fulfillment

Evaluate the most important people and experiences in your life. Find the positive around you, embracing your past and present. Dr. Djoly Souffrant will teach you to love yourself and others!


Unleash the Power Within You

Be inspired to find your inner power. Master your character, attitude and success. It’s all there. Dr. Djoly Souffrant will lead you to grow beyond your comfort zone.
Who knows what lies beyond?

Personalized learning, through simplified leadership development strategies, expands business and individual capacities. An innovative approach, grounded in relationships and shared vison, serves and maximizes lives. 

“Each day brings many distractions disguised as great ideas. Focus on your plan!”

– Dr. Djoly Souffrant –