Business Strategy

Leadership coaching consultant Dr. Djoly Souffrant’s leadership training, and Inclusion and Diversity training, will direct your organization toward growth, productivity and a sharper competitive edge.

William Shakespeare said, “Sweet are the uses of adversity.” Leaders are shaped by adversity, and recognized by solutions they bring to the table. Dr. Djoly Souffrant’s leadership training turns adversity into an advantage and creates inclusive environments where everyone feels they belong.

Isn’t it time your leadership skills were fully realized, to make everyone around you better?”


Diversity & Inclusion Training

An inclusive culture is no longer a goal – it’s a must-have. Creating an inclusive culture will motivate and retain your team and help draw new high-caliber talent. Inclusion and diversity consultant Dr. Djoly Souffrant uses research-tested strategies, plus insight from his own business management career, to teach the tools, practices and behaviors that drive a productive, successful organization.


Leadership Consulting

The unprecedented e-commerce volume has created a significant demand for transportation organizations in customized final mile services for B2C. Utilize Djoly’s expertise from over a decade in Leadership at a Fortune 50 transportation company to enhance your customized logistics. Djoly will propel your organization forward capitalizing on his knowledge of Third-Party Logistics and offering step by step logistic network optimization.

“Life is about the pursuit of growing, no matter how tall you currently are.”

– Dr. Djoly Souffrant –

Whether you are an individual, team, association, or organization, Dr. Djoly can empower you to believe in yourself, overcome your limitations, and fulfill your potential!

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